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The Utilities Department include the provision of water, sewer and garbage collection for properties. If you are moving from your current residence, the Town requires a minimum of 48 hours notice when terminating services. The customer will be responsible for all charges until service has been terminated as requested.
Utility Rates 

How do we calculate your Utility Bill?
1. Water Maintenance Levy - flat monthly rate: funds operational costs of the potable treated water distribution system and capital expenditures for rehabilitation of the existing system. A service charge for the cost and maintenance of your water meter including reading of meter and issuing your monthly bill.

2. Water Levy - variable water consumption charge: This charge is based on the amount of water used by you during the month. The variable components provide an incentive cor users to conserve (lower consumption = lower utility invoice). The water consumption is measured in cubic meters. One cubic meter (1m3) is equal to 1000 liters.

3. Water Conveyance Levy - flat monthly rate: A service charge for maintaining the East Regional Waterline which brings potable water from Calgary to the Town.

4. Sewer Levy - flat monthly rate & variable charge: The flat rate charge funds the operational costs of tertiary waste water treatment. The variable charge is the amount of waste water produced which is determined from the amount of water consumed.

5. Garbage Levy - flat monthly rate: A charge for residential solid waste collection and heavy item garbage removal.

Meters Monthly Residential  Utility Rates
  OLD MONTHLY Rate January 1, 2017
  • Flat Water Maintenance Levy
5/8" x3/4" & 5/8"x1/2"
$6.83 $7.18
  • Water Conveyance Levy
$2.40 $2.52
  • Flat Sewer Maintenance Levy
& Storm Sewer Levy
$24.46 $28.04
Garbage Levy $16.39 $17.05
Total Monthly Maintenance Charge Remains the Same $50.08 $54.79
Variable Sewer Charge $1.60/m3 $1.76/m3
Variable Water Consumption
0-30 m$2.05/m3
Over 30m$2.10/m3
0-30 m$2.23/m3
Over 30m$2.28/m3
BULK WATER 4.50/m3 5.00/m3
The Town of Strathmore "FEES, RATES, CHARGES AND PENATLIES FOR SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE MUNICIPALITY" Bylaw # 15-39 has been amended by Mayor & Council.
This amendment will include a need to increase the associated Utility Rates for 2016 as outlined in the above summary table.
These changes will come into effect for both Residential and the Commercial properties.
These changes come into effect January 1, 2016. These changes will be reflected on your December 15-January 2016 bill for Route A, and for Route B, it will affect your January 1-31, 2016 bill.
This increase has come as a result of The City Of Calgary increasing their water rates to the Town and increase in cost running the distribution system.

The consumer will only pay the increase that is charged to the Town of Strathmore.

Utility Bill Mailout Routes

The Town of Strathmore Utility Bills (water, sewer, garbage collection) are produced on a Monthly Basis. Due to this new process, we have divided the town into two reading cycles (Route A and Route B) and thus two billing cycles.

Route A consists of the following areas: Wildflower Heights, Strathmore Lakes, Westmount, Downtown, Westpark Village, Thorncliffe, Parkwood, Green Meadow, Grande Point, Aspen Creek, Ranch Estates, The Ranch. These bills are produced on the 15th of each month for a one month cycle and due dates will be on the 10th of the following month. Penalties will be applied on the 11th of the month (day after due date) if payments have not been received at the Town office on time.   

Route B consists of the following areas: Hilview, Strathaven, Brentwood, Maplewood, Cambridge Glen, Glenwood, Orchard Park, Spruce Park. These bills are produced on the 30th or last day of each month for a one month cycle and due dates will be on the 25th of the following month. Penalties will be applied on the 26th of the month (day after due date)if payments have not been received at the Town office on time.  

Here for Payment Options

Terms of Payment

Bills for service(s) are due and payable by the due date on the front of the bill. Payments are applied to your account on the date of receipt at our office. Please allow 10 working days if paying at the bank or by mail to ensure late payment charges are not applied to your account.

Penalties/Fees are charged on overdue accounts in accordance with Town of Strathmore Utility Bylaws in effect on the billing date. Penalties are applied on the Balance Owing. Failure to receive or loss of the utility statement cannot be accepted as a reason for non-payment or exemption of late penalty.

In accordance with the Town Bylaws, any utility charges that remain unpaid on the invoice as of a specified deadline in a Final Notice letter, the Town of Strathmore allows for either disconnection of service or a transfer to the tax roll account of the property.


When a disconnection occurs, the amount outstanding plus a disconnection/reconnection fee of $120.00 must be paid in order for services to recommence.

Transfer to Tax Roll

The outstanding amount plus a transfer fee of $50.00 will be transferred to the roll of the parcel of land and is subject to collection under the tax recovery process as per the MGA Section 553 (1).

All new owners of a parcel of land requiring municipal utility services shall pay a $25.00 non-refundable Administration Fee.

No utility account for any parcel of land shall be transferred into the name of a renter. Such account shall be in the name of the owner and any notices will be forwarded to the owner.


The Town requires a minimun of 48 hours notice when terminating service. The customer will be responsible for all charges until service has been terminated as requested.

You may fill out a Change of Address form and send it to the Town Office.  

Additional charges 

$60.00 for disconnect of utility service
$60.00 reconnection of services
$25.00 for NSF cheques and returned items from Financial Institutions
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

With this payment plan the total amount of the bill is directly debited from the Customer’s account on the 15th of each month. The customer will continue to receive a monthly bill. 

Equalized Payment Plan

This plan will use your last 12 months of consumption plus an inflation factor to determine what your payments will be on a monthly basis.  We will debit the customer’s account on the 15th of each month. The customer will continue to receive a monthly bill. 
We will review the payments twice yearly, every October and April to ensure that the payments are adequate for your consumption and you are not falling behind.  Please keep in mind with this type of program that your account may be in a credit balance for much of the year to ensure there is no shortfall during the heavy usage season.  

If there is insufficient funds in the customers’ bank account for two consecutive months, the Customers plan will be terminated. A customer may re-apply to be reinstated provided the customer has paid in full 6 consecutive Utility Bills. 

Note: when your account is kept up to date - you are exempt from penalties!


If the customer wishes to report to the Town when they are leaving for an extended period of time, and supply us with a contact person or a phone number, we will notify you or your contact person if any water consumption is reported.

The monthly charges for water, sewer and garbage will still apply during this time away.

Bulk Water
The Town of Strathmore has a bulk water station located at the Public Works building behind the Town Office. The system is a card-lock and first time users must register with the Town of Strathmore (Administration Building – 680 Westchester Road). 
A $15.00 deposit is required and a access card and pin number will be issued. Access to the bulk water station is on a 24-hour basis. 
Billing occurs once a month. Bulk water is billed at a cost of $4.50/m3. You can also make a one-time purchase during regular Town Office business hours. Go to the Town office and purchase the amount of water you wish and take the paid receipt (dated that day) over to the Public Works building to have your order filled.
Click here for vehicle requirements

Garbage Collection
Garbage Pick up is contracted by H&H Huxted Waste Disposal. Each dwelling that qualifies for garbage pick up is allowed a maximum three bag limit not exceeding 34kg per bag. Extra garbage bag tags are available at the Town Office for $2.00 each.
Please note the following exceptions to the regular garbage schedule:
If the Holiday is a Thursday or Friday your garbage will be picked up on the Wednesday before.
If the Holiday is on a Monday or Tuesday your garbage will be picked up on the following Wednesday.
Your garbage schedule changes only when the Holiday is on your regular garbage pickup day.
A reminder to residents to have their garbage out by 7:00 am on their normal collection day. This is to ensure no one is missed as garbage collection “times of day” may vary from week to week.
Click here for the Garbage Zones Map
Garbage Pickup Schedule 2017

New Years Day Sunday, January 1 /
Monday, January 2 (Holiday)
Wednesday, January 4
Family Day Monday, February 20 Wednesday, February 22
Good Friday Friday, April 14 Wednesday, April 12
Easter Monday Monday, April 17 Wednesday, April 19
Victoria Day Monday, May 22 Wednesday, May 24
Canada Day Saturday, July 1
Monday, July 3 (Holiday)
Wednesday, July 5
Heritage Day Monday, August 7 Wednesday, August 9
Labor Day Monday, September 4 Wednesday, September 6
Thanksgiving Monday, October 9 Wednesday, October 11
Remembrance Day Saturday, November 11 N/A
Christmas Day Monday, December 25 Wednesday, December 27
Boxing Day Tuesday, December 26 Wednesday, December 27

Heavy Item Garbage Pickup
Heavy Item Garbage (HIG) is a service provided in conjunction with your garbage pickup service and is provided 5 times per year. This service is provided for residents who receive residential garbage pickup by the town to dispose of small quantities of residential items which must be able to be lifted by hand without the aid of machinery. We encourage residents to utilize the Recycle Facility when possible to minimize recyclable materials from entering the landfills.
All items MUST be placed at your regular garbage pickup location by 7:00 am on the Monday of HIG week and affixed with an HIG sticker that is available from the Town Office at no charge.
Please note: HIG tags will NOT be handed out during the week of HIG pickup.

What is heavy item garbage?
  • Washers, dryers, stoves, furniture (sofas, dressers etc.) mattresses, box springs.
  • Fridges and Freezers (only if the item has a certificate attached to show Freon has been removed)
  • Carpet must be rolled and bound in no longer than 4ft. lengths.
  • Seperated/salvageable metal materials – small quantity.
  • Small amounts of lumber must be bundled, bound and no longer than 4ft. lengths.
What is not heavy item garbage?

  • Garbage bags – residential waste – these are considered regular garbage and are part of your 3 bag limit.
  • Paint cans and hazardous material.
  • Residential construction material.
  • Vehicle oil disposal or vehicle parts.
  • Miscellaneous metal.
  • Fridges and freezers if Freon has not been removed. We suggest these are taken to the Recycle Facility where they will remove Freon for a nominal fee and then dispose of the appliance.
2017 Heavy Item Garbage Schedule
JANUARY 23-27 | MARCH 27-31 | JUNE 26-30 | SEPTEMBER 25-29 | NOVEMBER 27-DECEMBER 1

Landlord and Renters
The Town of Strathmore does not open utility accounts in tenant’s names. As per Bylaw 03-04 the utility account for any rental property will be placed in the property owner’s name and the property owner shall be responsible for the payment of the utility bill to the Town of Strathmore.
The property owner may, if he/she wishes, request that the utility bill be mailed to the tenant occupying the premises by completing Schedule F and returning it by mail to:

Town of Strathmore
Utilities Department
680 Westchester Road
Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1
or faxing it to: (404) 934-4713 – Attn: Utilities Department
or by emailing it to
* The payment of the utility bill will be the sole responsibility of the property owner. Owners are advised that any outstanding, unpaid amounts will be transferred to an active tax account.

Rain Barrels
The Town’s rain barrel program hopes to save water! Garden and lawn watering can make up a substantial portion of total household water use during the summer months even in Alberta. Utilizing rain barrels allows home owners to collect water from their rooftop runoff and effectively store it for when you need it most, during the hot summer months. Rainwater collection and its reuse is not only a financial benefit to home owners but also for the environment because stored water would otherwise run off into the storm sewers where the environmental benefit could be minimal. This run off water can be safe to use when watering plants, flower pots, gardens, trees, lawns or cleaning your walk ways. The Town of Strathmore is promoting water conservation techniques and therefore is selling rain barrels to citizens from the main office.
Bylaw 14-22, which was adopted on January 21st, 2015, requires that at least one rain barrel with a minimum capacity of 220 liters must be provided for new residential developments on lots created after January 1st, 2015. Rain barrels need to be shown on the site plan submitted with the development permit. Downspouts must be connected to the rain barrel and, in some cases, the Approving Authority may require one rain barrel for each downspout from a building in order to manage surface drainage. For any questions please contact Planning & Development.

Outdoor Watering Conservation
(Effective the first Saturday in May, through to the first Sunday in November every year)

ODD NUMBERED houses may water lawns on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays
EVEN NUMBERED houses may water lawns on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

HOURS: 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Flowerbeds, Trees and Vegetable Gardens

May be watered by hand anytime, using a watering can or hose with a nozzle with a trigger shut off to restrict water flow.

Sprinklers & Water Toys

May be used for recreational purposes by children as long as the children are present during use.

New Sod/Seed Exemptions

A Temporary exemption to the outdoor watering restrictions is available at the Town of Strathmore. A water exemption permit, outlines the conditions for the watering of the new sod/seed installation and weed control applications.

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