Service Level

During the winter months, (Oct –April) staff monitor the forecast and begin plowing and /or sanding at any time, when snow has accumulated to 3cm or when excessive drifting has occurred. 

Snow Plowing

Roadway snow maintenance is one of the Town’s core areas of responsibility. The snow maintenance program establishes safe traffic flows on arterial and collector roads, clearing a network of roadway access from all major subdivisions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A priority system has been developed to ensure high traffic roadways are addressed first, followed by those deemed to have lower volume


Roads are sanded on the same priority basis. Emphasis is placed on intersections, corners, hills school and playground zones and other problem areas. 


Windrowing, (snow storage) is standard practice to windrow snow from the centre of the road to each side. Snow will be windrowed onto boulevards or into ditches when possible. 

Snow Clearing Priorities

The streets in Strathmore are plowed on a priority basis with the highest volume roads attended first. Roads have materials such as salt, or pickle (a gravel /sand/salt mix) applied based on the same priority. The material used depends on the air and pavement temperatures and road conditions. 

Essential Services Access
  • RCMP ( Westlake Rd from Westchester Rd to Wheatland Trail and Westchester Rd from Westlake Rd to Westridge Rd )
  • Hospital (Brent Blvd from Wheatland Trail to George Freeman Trail)
  • Fire Hall (Lakeside Blvd from Highway 1 to Second Ave)

Priority 1 Routes - Arterial Routes
  • Maplewood Drive
  • Thomas Drive
  • Centennial Drive
  • Centre Street (from Parklane Drive to Centennial Drive)
  • Parklane Drive (from Centre Street to Lakeside Boulevard)
  • Lakeside Blvd (from 1 ave to 6 ave)
  • Second Avenue (from Lakeside Boulevard to Wheatland Trail)
  • Third Ave (Lakeside Blvd to Wheatland Trail)
  • 2 Street (from Ridge Road to 6 Ave)
  • 2 Street (from 2 ave to 4 ave)
  • 3 Street (from 2 ave to 4 ave)
  • Ridge Road (from Wheatland Trail to Lakeside Blvd)
  • George Freeman Trail
  • North Boundary Road  

Priority 2 Routes - Collector Routes
  • Fourth Avenue (from Third Street to Lakeside Boulevard)
  • First Avenue (from Wheatland Trail to Lakeside Blvd)
  • 2 St (from 4 ave to 6 ave)
  • 2 St (from Wheatland Trail to 2 ave)
  • Lakeside Views
  • Village Way (from Lakeside Views to 2 St)
  • Spruce Industrial Park
  • Burns Industrial Park
  • West Ridge Road (adjacent to Businesses)
  • Archie Klaber Trail
  • Brentwood Drive
  • Maple Tree Way
  • Briarwood Road
  • Centre Street (from Parklane Drive to Mall entrance)
  • East Pine Road
  • Green Meadow Drive
  • Camridge Glen Drive
  • Hillview Drive
  • Hillview Gate
  • Parklane Drive (from Centre Street to George Freeman Trail)
  • Range Roads and Township Roads
  • Strathaven Bays – 100, 200 & 300 (Overland Drainage)
  • Strathaven Drive
  • Strathhaven Crescent
  • Strathford Boulevard
  • Strathford Crescent (Overland Drainage)
  • Westchester Road (from Westlake road to Westmount Drive)
  • Westmount Drive
  • West Ridge Road (from Westmount Road to West Town Boundary)
  • Wildflower Road

School Zones
  • Westmount Elementary School
  • Brentwood Elementary School
  • Strathmore High School
  • Wheatland Elementary School
  • Crowther Memorial Junior High School
  • Sacred Heart Academy
  • Holy Cross Collegiate  

Please stay back at least 10m when trucks / graders are plowing and or sanding for the safety of you and the operator. 
Strathmore Park Department Winter Maintenance Program

People may think that winter time sends our Town Parks Department into hibernation but you may be surprised to know this is not the case! While our staffing is drastically reduced from the summer we stay busy with a number of maintenance programs.

Following a snowfall we are out clearing the snow from all town owned sidewalks and pathways. Combined, these walkways amount to over 20kms! The Parks Department uses skid steer loaders with various attachment to complete the job. The pathways are cleared in a priority sequence with the main regional pathways at the top of the list. 

In addition to ensuring our walkways are clear and safe for travel the Parks Department also conducts regular garbage pick-up and disposal around all of our public spaces. When the weather allows the Parks Department will also clear the snow from Kinsmen Lake to offer pond skating to the community. There are other storm ponds in town that residents will keep clear for skating. While we want everyone to enjoy themselves while using these areas, it is important to note that citizens do so at their own risk. We encourage you to abide by posted signs and watch our town web-site and news page for warnings and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

The plow truck or grader came by and windrowed snow in front of my home, now what?

By providing at least on clear lane to drive in, often results in snow being deposited in the front of your home, creating a windrow. We understand that this impacts where you can park. The best thing you can do is move your vehicle off the street during a snowfall and move it back after crews have been by to plow the street. This enables the plow truck or grader to push the snow to the curb and reduce the impact of parking related issues. Residents are responsible for clearing their driveway entrances when streets are plowed.

The town has deposited a pile of snow in the middle of my street, what should I do?

Snow is sometimes deposited in the middle of the road or intersections during snow removal. Please drive carefully around snow and equipment and please be patient during this time. 

Where should I dump the snow off my sidewalk and driveways?

All sidewalks in front of your property is your responsibility to clear and deposit snow onto your property and not onto roadways. 

Are residential streets plowed?

Plowing or sanding in residential roadways and alleys not designated will only be initiated in extreme situations where road is rendered impassable or in extenuating circumstances directed by Operations Director or Manager.

What is the difference between snow plowing and snow removal?

Plowing of roadways is done on a regular basis and we try our best to get it down to bare pavement. Removal of snow from roadways only occurs in extenuating circumstances and will be considered on a case by case basis.
Note: some snow removal is done routinely on designated areas (i.e. Downtown -2 Av. between Lakeside Ave and Wheatland Tr or areas along Priority 1 or Pr 2’s routes where identified snow storage space along curb has reached its maximum and has begun to diminish the width of the driving lane )

Snow Removal Map
Please click here for the snow removal map

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