Most Albertans already participate in waste reduction or recycling in some way. From a local bottle drive to backyard composting, Albertans are participating in waste reduction activities throughout the province. Throughout North America waste reduction and recycling have become part of every day life, not just in Alberta. While these individual actions of Albertans are helping to reduce the amount of solid waste produced, some local governments and other organizations have decided to establish community-wide programs for waste reduction and recycling. That is why the Town of Strathmore had undertaken to establish a recycling program for the Town's residents. The program has been in operation since January 15, 2003, and has enjoyed excellent support from area residents.

Waste reduction and recycling programs can bring several benefits to a municipality.
They can:

  • Reduce disposal costs, particularly in communities where waste must be hauled to distant regional landfills.
  • Recover value from material that in the past has been thrown away.
  • Save natural resources by recovering, re-using or recycling valuable materials from the waste stream.
  • Stimulate local individual activity and provide local employment.
  • Reduce pollution and save energy.

The end result of a waste reduction and recycling program will be improved environmental quality in the community along with the possibility of economic opportunities.

Recycle Yard Operations

Effective January 1st, 2014, the Town of Strathmore Recycle Facility will be operated by H&H Huxted Ltd.  This is part of a 10 year agreement that the Town has signed with H&H Huxted Ltd. to provide this service. 

Users of the facility should not see any major changes to the Recycle Facility in the short term, with the operation largely staying similar to how it operated in 2013.  Materials collected, hours of operation, Take it or Leave it, etc. will continue as provided previously.  As H&H Huxted Ltd. complete construction of their facility, it is anticipated that the facility will be re-organized to incorporate the activities to the south of the yard, and to better coordinate the activities in the yard.  

Recycle Yard Mulch
The mulch is unprocessed material that could include numerous products including treated wood that has been stored outside. As a result, it may contain allergens, diseased trees, bugs or other foreign matter. Users should wear proper clothing and protection when handling the mulch. The contractor makes no guarantee concerning the quality of the mulch, and assumes no liability for injury or property damage as a result of the use or handling or transportation of the mulch. Residents who use this mulch do so at their own risk.

Take it or Leave It!

The  “Take It Or Leave It “service has been an important element of  the recycle facility for the past several years. This service allows citizens to drop off their “gently used” and "workable" items allowing others the opportunity to take and utilize what they may need. Many town and county residents have benefited greatly from this service. Residents are reminded that no expired childrens items (high chairs, car seats, toys, cribs, etc,.) are permitted to be left at Take it or Leave it.

Please do not drop off ANY furniture items at the Take it or Leave it. (Chairs, tables, dressers, etc.) 

As the safe and gently used items are a treasure to so many, citizens are reminded not to dump unusable items in this area but to utilize the HIG (Heavy item garbage) pick up which occurs 5 times per year. If the Recycle Facility is closed, residents are reminded to come back during open hours and not dump items outside of the facility.

Hours of Operations

Summer Hours 

May 1st – September 30th
Tuesday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed all statutory holidays


Winter Hours
October 1st – April 30th
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed all statutory holidays

Location and Contact Information:
101 Slater Way
Strathmore, Alberta 
If there are any questions or concerns related to the Recycle Yard operations, please contact H&H Huxted Ltd. at (403)934-5605.  Any other questions related to the Town’s Recycling program can be directed to the Town at (403)934-3133.



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