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As you are aware, the Town of Strathmore held a Municipal Census this year. Here are the results of the Census. We would like to thank each and every one of our residents for their patience and cooperation!

2015 Census Results
2015 Citizen Survey Results
  • Council gave first reading to Bylaw #15-31 Land Use Bylaw Textual Amendments.
  • Council will hold a Public Hearing for Bylaw #15-31 on November 4, 2015.
  • Council gave second, third and final reading to Bylaw #15-20 Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Eating and Drinking Establishments.
  • Council gave first reading to Bylaw #15-29 Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Protective Emergency Services.
  • Council will hold a Public Hearing for Bylaw #15-29 on November 4, 2015.
  • Council approved the payment of the CSMI partnership invoice for $15, 192.24, and that these funds come from the Joint Strathmore Stormwater Fund currently held by the WID.
  • Council approved participation with WID in continued discussions on Storm water management in alignment with Option 2. The CSMI Technical Committee Partners would continue to work collaboratively to agree on storm water policies and equitable agreements, and that Administration would be authorized to enter into an MOU agreement with the WID. Approval of a formal Regional Storm Water Management structure if appropriate, would be approved by Council in the future.
  • Council agreed to bring this forward at the Fall Budget Workshop to allocate operating and capital project funding for the next 3 years.
  • Council will carryover the 2nd Street Surface Overlay project to 2016 with the existing budget of $550,000.00 so that further investigation of the road base, drainage and underground infrastructure be completed before finalizing the scope of work and tender for completion in 2016.
  • Council approved the conditions of sale for the 2015 Public Auction, to be conducted on December 14, 2015 at 10:00 AM by the Director of Corporate Services for the Town of Strathmore as follows:
  • All land sold at public auction is sold subject to the terms of the Municipal Government Act of Alberta 2000, Chapter M-26 and amendments thereto.
  • Each parcel will be offered for sale, subject to a reserve bid and to the reservations and conditions contained in the existing certificate of title.
  • The land is being offered for sale on an “as is, where is” and the Town of Strathmore makes no representation and gives no warranty whatsoever as to the adequacy of services, building conditions absence or presence of environmental contamination. No bid will be accepted where the bidder attempts to attach conditions precedent to the sale. No terms or conditions will be considered other than those specified by the Town of Strathmore.
  • The Town of Strathmore may, after the public auction, become the owner of any property that is not sold at the public auction.
  • Terms: 10% deposit at the time of successful bid, and balance payable within 30 days of the date of the public auction. Remittances must be in the form of a certified cheque or bank draft.
  • Redemption may be offered by payment of all arrears.
  • Redemption may be effected by payment of all arrears of taxes, penalties and costs at any time prior to the sale.
  • Council appointed Telissa Tebbutt and Jason Montgomery to the Names Advisory Committee for a one year term ending October 31, 2016. 
  • Council proclaimed October 7, 2015 as World Cerebral Palsy Day in Strathmore.
  • Council approved a donation of $2000.00 to the Christmas Parade to be held in 2015 with the funds to be drawn from the Financial Stabilization Reserve.
  • Councillor Sobol was removed from the Alberta 55+ games committee as the committee is no longer active.

Public Advisory

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