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Welcome to the Town of Strathmore! The Town where quality of life is a way of life. The Town of Strathmore is a community of over 13,000 people located 40 km east of Calgary with convenient access to the picturesque Bow River. While agricultural developments cover large areas of the surrounding area, Strathmore provides its residents with the benefits of country living, town services and easy access to large city facilities while residing in an area combining heritage and modern amenities.

Strathmore offers wide choices in restaurants, accommodations, hospitality, local wines and shopping. With direct access to the Trans Canada Highway, travelers have been welcomed to use facilities that have now developed into a thriving country town.
The Strathmore Tourist Centre has compiled all the tourist information you’ll need to plan your trip to Strathmore or the surrounding area. The centre is located inside the Dairy Queen building which is located right along the Trans Canada Highway. Please drop by and see them for your Tourist Information needs or call them at 403-934-5661.

  • Council approved a land exchange with the Dodge Dealership that would transfer 0.017 ha of closed road right-of-way (Canal Avenue) to the Dodge Dealership in exchange for road dedication of 0.004 ha for the widening of Canal Avenue.
  • Council gave First Reading to Bylaw No. 16-15.
  • Council will hold a Public Hearing for Bylaw No. 16-15 on January 11, 2017.
  • Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 16-16 Fees Bylaw Amendment Bylaw as amended.
  • Council give second reading to Bylaw No. 16-16 Fees Bylaw Amendment Bylaw with an amendment to remove:
Growth Charges fees from Schedule F - Utilities
Remove Green Ash from Schedule J – Cemetery
  • Council gave unanimous consent to a third reading of Bylaw No. 16-16 Fees Bylaw Amendment Bylaw as amended.
  • Council gave third and final reading to Bylaw No. 16-16 Fees Bylaw Amendment Bylaw as amended.
  • Council moved to enter into a contracted agreement with Everbridge Services to provide mass notification services for the Town of Strathmore.
  • Council Awarded the contract to repair the existing sewer line and install a second urinal at the fire hall to A&B Plumbing and Heating Ltd., for an amount of $15,113.00 with funds to be drawn from the Financial Stabilization Reserve.
  • Council approved the following donation through the Community Investment Fund:
2016 Christmas Hamper Program - $2,800.00.
  • Council directed Administration to continue dialogue with Strathmore High School Administration to encourage an advisor to take on the organization and leadership of SAY before the 2017 School Year.
  • Council authorized Mayor Ell and Councillor Steve Grajczyk to attend the 2017 FCM Conference in Ottawa, ON during June 1 – 4, 2017.
  • Councillor Peterson indicated that WADEMSA will be considering a motion to approve requisition rates for 2017 & 2018 as follows:
2017 - $6.00 per capita
2018 – $8.00 per capita
  • Council adopted Policy No. 1105 – Decision Making Framework Policy.
  • Council approved Professional Engineering Services and Construction for the New Public Works Facility in the amount of $431,310.00 + GST with funds to be drawn from the Public Works Capital Reserve and that the Director of Infrastructure is authorized to sign the Engineering Service and Construction Agreement on behalf of the Town.


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30 November 2016
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22 November 2016
Bylaw #16-15: Road Closure (Portion of Canal Avenue) Bylaw #16-15 proposes to close a portion of Road Plan 061 3736 (Canal Read More...

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Public Advisory

22 November 2016
When ice starts to form on water bodies in Strathmore it can be dangerous, for your safety please keep off Read More...
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Water Outages

22 November 2016
Be advised that Ag Grounds water services will be shut down to accommodate a new water metering vault installation on Read More...
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